worldwide-musicAre you planning a Wedding, Engagement, Birthday party, themed party, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s night etc … and stuck for music ideas that will get everyone up and dancing?

Are you a DJ that is stuck for songs in a certain genre and in need of a song list that will actually work and make the dance floor come alive?

With the success of my music app and now available in almost every country, I have had a number of enquiries asking for party music so now I’m offering my experience to events around the globe.

Over 25 years experience and 12 DJ awards DJing at Weddings, Corporate events, birthdays and clubs I will provide you with a playlist for any occasion at a cost of AUD$29.99 per hour of music.

You just let me know what you are after and how many hours of music you will need then I will take care of the rest. I will email you the song list which will include the song titles, artists, BPM, genre and even which songs will work well together. Once you have the list just load your songs into iTunes or spotify and away you go!!

Contact details can be found in my app OURmusicplaylist you can download it for FREE in the Google Play and  iTunes stores.